Norah's Story

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dear Norah

Dear Sweet Norah,

Tomorrow would have been your birthday!  We were hoping to be celebrating in the greatest way at the hospital after your arrival, but you came a little early.  We are so grateful for the impact your short life had on us.  Such a tiny, perfect little girl has changed our hearts forever. 

We are blessed that you came into our lives, that God brought you to us even though we didn't get any time with you here on earth.  We know God was the first one to shed tears when you passed and He welcomed you to heaven with open arms.  We rest assured in our HOPE in Him that we will get to spend eternity with you.

We want you to know that we prayed for you and for your life.  We wanted so badly to feed you, cuddle you, and see you grow older with Maggie and Elliott.  We wanted to bring you into our home and love on you so much.  We don't know why you had to go so soon, but we know we will SEE you again.

You are one beautiful little girl.  We know that your big sister Maggie would have been smitten with you.  She is a little mother hen.  She loves to write your name and put hearts around it.  Your brother Elliott is as sweet as can be.  He waves to you every time we pass the cemetery and says how much he loves you.  They both wipe the tears from Mommy's eyes and have helped to fill the void in our hearts.  They don't know it yet, but tomorrow we leave to surprise them with a trip to Disney World--we plan to call it Norah's trip.  We will celebrate your life!

Thank you for letting us be your parents and for teaching us so many lessons we never would have learned without you.    We will never forget you and will always hold you as a special part of our family.  We love you so much and hope you are rejoicing in heaven!!

Mommy, Daddy, Maggie and Elliott



Sarah said...

She's so beautiful! I love that you're celebrating her on her day!

Brooke said...

This is really lovely. I have to believe that in her short time with you, Norah felt that great love you all have for her. I wish your littlest girl was here with you still.